BROTHERHOOD SMPK 4 PENABUR with the theme of Courage

Entering the middle school level is indeed a fun thing. Many things can be developed at this level, one of which is Scouting activities. Although sometimes scouting activities are not very attractive among students. This is because there are still many students who do not know and feel the excitement in it. As is the case with students of SMPK 4 Penabur who are members of the Board of Trustees. They along with the supervisors organized Brotherhood activities at SDK 6 Penabur to introduce the scouting activities at SMPK 4 Penabur along with the excitement in them, as well as to strengthen communication between the two schools.

This Brotherhood activity was held on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 in the SDK 6 Penabur field. This activity took the theme “Courage” with the hope that every child would be brave and be able to show their potential, dare to be a leader and dare to be different in positive ways. The activities carried out in this activity are collaboration between Scouting SDK 6 and SMPK 4 Penabur. The supervisors along with the SMPK 4 Penabur Board of Trustees together provide scouting materials in a fun way through games in each post. The material provided was Basic Line Training, Semaphore Gymnastics, Passwords and Yells, Tali Temali and KIM (Human Sense Capabilities).

From the beginning to the end of the program SDK 6 Sower students enjoyed it. Every time there is something new they can get, there are always screams coming out of their mouths. Hopefully this activity will further strengthen SDK 6 and SMPK 4 Penabur, while also becoming more compact in advancing Sowing Schools.